Courses you can Teach

Choose a course that you enjoy teaching

Teaching Times

We have teachers teaching at most times of the day, however, here is a guide of the busiest and quietest times.

  • Peak Hours

    March — October 11am to 3pm UK times
    October — March 10am to 2pm UK times

  • Busiest Months

    English Exams — March, April, September and October
    Summer Holidays — July and August
    Beginning of Term — September and October
    Christmas — December

  • Quietest Times and Months

    Between 4pm and 6am UK Times
    Chinese New Year – February


General Requirements
  • Fluent level of English with a clear accent
  • Minimum 120 hour accredited TEFL or equivalent
  • 1 year teaching or relevant experience
  • Availability during our peak hours
Device and System Requirements
  • Device Desktop, Laptop, Mac, Surface
  • Camera HD external or integrated camera
  • Headset Headset with a microphone and clear audio
  • Operating System Mac OS X 10.10 or above, Windows 7 or above, Except Windows 8.1
  • CPU Intel Core i3 or above
  • Memory At least 4GB RAM
  • Network Stable internet connection
    minimum 20Mbps download and 5Mbps upload

Types of Buddies

We see our teachers as the ‘Buddies’ of their students, helping them along on their journey to English fluency.


Choose their own availability and update as and when they like. They do not have a minimum number of hours required from them and can change their availability at any time as long as there are no bookings during those slots. They are paid per session on a monthly basis.


Have fixed days and hours that they teach every week. They are paid for these hours every week whether they are fully booked or not. They have access to different forms of CPD, such as Cambridge Teacher Development Courses at no cost to them. They can also update flexibly outside of contracted hours.

Pay Rates

Contracted Hours: £10/hour weekdays £12/hour weekends

If you are a flexi Buddy or you do flexi sessions outside of your contracted hours, you will be paid the following rates per session: