Tip for Tuesday: Incorporating Christmas into Sessions


It’s swinging into a week before Christmas and a time when both Breadies and Buddies are getting into the spirit! To make sessions just that little more festive, this week’s Tip for Tuesday is all about incorporating some Christmas into your sessions!


Christmas is not widely celebrated in largely atheist China, but as with any nation with shopping malls and access to global cultures, Christmas is creeping its way into the national conscious – one Christmas tree at a time. To share the spirit with our students and to help develop their understanding of western celebrations we invite you to adapt sessions to include Christmas games, songs and activities. Read below to find out!


The Christmas Song


Songs have become an important feature of sessions as they allow Breadies to settle into the lesson, get an introduction to the topic of the day and to practise singing along at the top of their voice. In case you hadn’t seen it in the chat group, Sarah has posted the Santa Shark song which is a perfect beginning to sessions with our younger Breadies. Have a search in the Wechat group and add it to the beginning of your session.


If you have you own particular favourite song of course, feel free to sing along in session and teach it to your Breadies with the lyrics! – Think before adding music to the classroom however, in case you are breaching any copyright laws.


Christmas Resources


Add some Xmas themed activities to your sessions! If you have a young bready, colours and numbers work so well with this. How many baubles can you see on the tree? How many reindeer are there? What colour is the present?


For older Breadies, this is a good time to try and guess what the ‘present’ is. Put a picture of a present up on the screen and describe something that has been studied in recent sessions, the Bready then has to guess what it is. If you have recently studied household objects for example, this could go:


‘It is found in the living room. It is for watching. It is black’

‘It is a television!’


Twinkl has some excellent Christmas resources you can use if you are in need of inspiration.


In our newsletter this month we also featured a number of different Christmas traditions from around the world, so if you have a session with a more advanced Bready, or one that is already quite familiar with Christmas, you can use some of the examples from the newsletter as conversation starters.


Christmas props


Put on antlers! Show your Breadies your tree, show them a Christmas cracker and ask them to guess what you do with it! Crack out some Christmas jokes. There is no time more colourful and eye catching than Christmas so really use this to your advantage!


Kyle has made some excellent Christmas Craft videos we’ll be uploading throughout this week so perhaps use these for inspiration! The beauty of being a teacher is the excuse you have to get creative.




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