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IQBar uses Wechat as its main form of communication as it is fast and easy to reach. In the past we contacted all our teachers by email, however many emails get lost in junk or simply in the mass of every day mail. IQBar are in the process of developing pop-up messages when Buddies first sign into the website with all important information. However until the next website update, all important announcements regarding teaching, invoicing and changes to the company can be found in the IQBar Announcement Group.


Currently IQBar has a number of groups that it is important to be connected with. Many of them can be muted as Buddies do not need to view the information, only to contact with inquiries. To mute a group, simply enter it on Wechat, click on the ‘…’ in the corner, and scroll down until you find ‘Mute Notifications’.



This way you are still part of the group and can view messages, but you will have no sounds, banners, or pop-ups when messages come through. Here’s a list of our Wechat groups, what they’re used for, and which can be muted:


Trial Buddy Group


This is the first group you will be added to when joining IQBar and it is here that you will receive all important information regarding changes, seminars and messages from management. It also serves as a chat group for all trial Buddies to discuss tips about building up students by improving your profile, any interesting teaching methods you’ve found or continuing the discussion after seminars.


Can it be muted? Yes


Aside from checking in occasionally during teaching hours, you can mute this group to stop receiving notifications.


Notices from Assistants


If you have a change of booking, or there is a change in materials for your Breadies, it is here that the assistants in the Beijing office will contact you to let you know.


Can it be muted? Notification sounds can be muted, but do change the settings so that notifications still flash. You can do so by clicking the settings on the group and selecting the right boxes as seen below:



Whilst it can be muted, if you are tagged by one of the assistants it will still show up, meaning you won’t miss any important information.


Normal Bready Absences


The place to post if your normal Bready doesn’t show up to class. Sometimes an assistant will already be there to make sure, but if nothing happens after a while, post in the group. You can wait until around 3 minutes into the session before posting.


Can it be muted? Yes


This group is only for reporting absences, you do not need to receive information from this group.


More Bready Info


If you reach the end of a Picaro session but haven’t finished the Powerpoint, simply write in the group the time of the session, name of the student and what slide you got up to, following the form: “Milly 11:30 got to 27/44”


Can it be muted? Yes


This group is only for reporting Picaro updates, you do not need to receive information from this group.


Contracted Contribution Group


If you’re a contracted Buddy with a number of free slots during teaching hours, drop a message into this group and you can use the time to complete a Cambridge teaching course, finish writing notes, or helping us developing our teaching resources.


Can it be muted? Yes


Assistant Feedback


If you have some feedback to give to the assistants, whether that’s something good they’ve done, or something they could improve on, you can write in here and it’ll will get passed on to the team.


Can it be muted? Yes


This group is only for providing feedback, you do not need to receive information from this group.


Picaro Corrections


We have a small, dedicated team of resource creators who on occasion make small mistakes within our sessions. If you notice something during class, simply pop a screenshot into this group with the mistake and we’ll change it. This is by no means compulsory.


Can it be muted? Yes


Buddy IT Help


If you have an issue with a session, be it on your computer or the student’s, post it in here and the IT team will try to resolve the issue, either through simple solutions such as clearing cache, or by using teamview.


Can it be muted? Yes


IQBar Chat Group and IQBar Teams


If you’re a Buddy who is interested in being involved in our community, the IQBar chat group and the teams are a great place to meet other Buddies and exchange stories and tips. It is a great way to stay sociable and connected when working in a home-based, sometimes isolating job like online teaching.


Can it be muted? Yes


We realise that chatting isn’t for everyone, and for those of you who are less interested in involvement with the chat group and teams, just let you team leader or the management know, and they’ll take you out of it.


IQBar is a small, growing company that is constantly looking to innovate and develop its systems and programs. By joining IQBar you are joining a community of excited, driven teachers and developers who are looking to change the world of online education so keep an eye out for changes to our communications system in the future.



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