Getting down with Dinesh, IQBAR’s new recruitment officer...


Dinesh is one of IQBar’s rising stars. He joined the team back in November, and quickly got to work establishing himself as an enthusiastic buddy. His continued hard- work, dedication and positive attitude did not go unnoticed, and he was recently promoted to the position of Recruitment Officer. The IQBar Monthly catches up with this rising star...


Hi everyone, my name is Dinesh, and I am the new Recruitment Officer for IQBar. It’s my job to root out the best teachers (wherever they may be hiding) that fit in with IQBar’s values and ethos. I look for teachers that can bring plenty of enthusiasm, fun and energy to the team, and that can really hit the ground running.


In my own experience, since I joined the team in November of last year everyone has been incredible. The friendly, welcoming atmosphere really sold IQBar to me during my trial period, and this is something that I try to replicate with all of the new recruits.


So, a little bit about the work that I do. As the Recruitment Officer, I am the first point of call

for wannabe teachers. A large part of my job requires that I examine teaching applications to find the best candidates for IQBar. I look at qualifications, past work history and anything that might give me an insight into their character. This is the most important point in my opinion, as qualifications alone do not always supersede the quality of an applicant’s character.


Once an applicant has been accepted, then they will be invited to have a telephone interview. This is an opportunity for me to find out some more information about the candidate, but also a good opportunity for them to ask any questions they may have. After this stage is completed, the candidate will then begin their training and trial period on their way to becoming an IQBar Buddy.


IQBar is an amazing place to teach. When I applied, I was told that there were plenty of opportunities to grow with the right attitude, and they were not wrong. Since joining IQBar five months ago, I have worked tirelessly to become a more integral part of the U.K. team. If you apply yourself, with a great mindset, positive ambition and hard-work then the opportunities at IQBar will present themselves to you. If it happened to me, it can happen to you




2018-04-10 01:58


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