Why is IQBar a perfect job for university students?

IQBar is an online teaching platform for academic subjects, English language and professional training.

IQBar is a fantastic opportunity for all university students as you have complete flexibility of your working hours, can quickly gain an additional income, enhance your CV and practice your knowledge and skills within your academic subject by transferring your knowledge to others.


Don’t believe us? See what our Buddies have to say


Harry: 'I thoroughly enjoy working at IQ Bar, there is such as range of Bready's that it makes every session completely unique. Having worked for the company for several months now, it is particularly rewarding to witness the progress of my students. Being able to dictate my own working hours is a huge bonus’


Alice: ‘IQBar has been a great opportunity for me as a full-time student. I can study my degree alongside gaining an income from the comfort of my own home. IQBar is not like other jobs - every session is different, you meet new people everyday and I have a lot of fun!’   


If you are a university student interested in earning up to £350 a month and having complete flexibility of your work-life schedule, get in touch now!




2017-05-09 16:32


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