IQBar Update No.1


It has been a busy year so far here at IQBar!


We have expanded our Beijing office by 126 new members and last month alone we had 33 new Buddies (our jargon for teachers) join and 295 Breadies (students) sign up for classes. There have also been huge developments this year within our technology and our teaching resources. Many of you will have already seen the introduction of the Picaro courses for young learners, the Cambridge courses for Buddies, and our teaching quality program Filio – so what’s next?


Meeting with Oxford University Press


This week we’ve begun talks with Oxford University Press to start a phonics course to be delivered by our Buddies. A lot of our young or beginner learners struggle with reading and pronunciation so this course will be designed specifically to help them make the first leap with English sounds, giving them the necessary foundations for further English language learning.


Oxford University Press is the background to many of our childhood education with the likes of Biff, Chip and the Magic Key having been published by the OUP so we’re really excited to be working with them.


Meeting with Cambridge University Press


We have also been in meetings with Cambridge University Press about a specialised course for teenagers. This would mean teenage students no longer solely focus on conversational English, but can branch into specialised grammar work, written English and reading comprehension.


This will help our teen students prepare specifically for the Cambridge English Exams as well as general English practice for key exams at school such as the Gaokao and mid-terms.


The new IQBar website


Last week we finalised the design for the new IQBar website and are looking to see the first few elements of it go live this coming month. It has been an intensive process with some meetings lasting over five hours to ensure that all features and settings precisely fit Buddies’ needs.


The website will include an integrated homepage with news from IQBar, feeds for the social media pages, a calendar, and more to make sure that Buddies remain as up to date as possible.


We’ve even included a few nifty features like a live chat for support, automatically uploaded resources and a session count making teaching as stress free and streamlined as possible.


The introduction of our new Welcome and Prop packs


You may have read on the blog this week about the welcome and prop packs that we will be sending out. If you haven’t already you can look at the post here.


The welcome and prop packs will be sent to contracted (props) and flexi (welcome) Buddies to make sure everyone has the tools to make their lessons fun and engaging.


New Buddy awards


IQBar are also constantly on the lookout for ways to reward Buddies so this year has seen an increase in the number of bonuses and awards that Buddies can receive. This has included the contributor post award where each week we offer £10 for writing for the blog, a prize draw for Buddies who attend our weekly seminars as well as our firm favourites, the £20 bonus for every successful taster session.  

As the company grows and expands we look to add to this so Buddies at IQBar have many opportunities to earn outside of teaching hours.


Keep an eye out for future updates!

The IQBar team



2018-07-01 23:21


This sounds amazing. It's wonderful to see iqbar growing and cannot wait to see the new website design. I can imagine what an enormous amount of work this all took. Congratulations to everyone who is making it happen and thank you!

  • Jelena·Ristic
  • 2018-07-03 11:03
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