What are the incentives and rewards offered by IQBar?


There are many ways to get recognition for hard work and dedication at IQBar. Each month we celebrate via a series of awards and bonuses. Here is the lowdown of all our reward schemes.


The Leaderboard 


IQBar’s leaderboard was initially for the Buddies who were most chosen by Breadies each month. However, for a long time this meant that only the same few faces made the top spot as Breadies would see the top three and only want to be taught by them. We decided to change it so that we could monitor all our Buddies and make sure that those who performed well would get their time on the leader board. This is monitored by good reviews, by our team and the sales team noticing Buddies performing well, and also by popularity amongst Breadies. This means that Buddies who provide excellent sessions but who haven’t managed to get many sessions booked, and new Buddies who have only a few sessions under their belt, also get the chance to be booked up on the popularity wave. 


If you make the top three on the leader board you will not only get the chuffed feeling of being top of the class but will also receive a bonus as a well done from IQBar for all your hard work! 


Number 1 on the leader board receives £50, Second place gets £30 and third £20!


Successful Taster sessions 


There are two different types of sessions at IQBar, ‘Normal’ sessions and ‘Taster’ sessions. Breadies will first have a taster session before signing up to make sure that the platform is for them. Of course, the most important part to this is the Buddy and the relationship formed between Bready and Buddy. 


We like to award Buddies who manage to conduct successful taster sessions by giving a £20 bonus for every successful taster session where the Bready signs up for a package. This is an excellent opportunity to sell all of your amazing teaching qualities whilst also making a little extra money on the side!  


The Three Monthly Awards: 


Each month we celebrate the hard work of our Buddies by giving out three awards: 


Young Learners Award  


Awarded to the Buddy who is considered to have conducted the best sessions with young learners under seven. This is decided by feedback given and from observations.


Availability Award 


For the Buddy who is available for the most days during peak hours.


Progress Reward 


Awarded to the Buddy who has acted on feedback and progressed the most in that month. They have shown the ability to develop their teaching style further which is very important.


Each Buddy who is rewarded will receive £30 as a thank you for their efforts! 


Other Incentives


On top of this, IQBar is always expanding and looking for new members to join the team. If Buddies are particularly hard working, enthusiastic and reliable the IQBar team will try and fit them to a suitable role!





If you sign up to IQBar you are automatically entitled to Perkbox, our employee reward scheme. As part of this there is a whole range of free elearning courses you can take on a whole range of subjects. On top of this there is a wide range of high street, supermarket and online discounts as well as free mobile phone insurance. Happy saving!




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