The Phonics Course - What do you need to do?




Phonics - plural noun

(treated as a singular) 


"A method of teaching people to read by correlating sounds with symbols in an alphabetic writing system." 



In preparation for our Phonics Course starting next month, we've put together a few more things you should know to help you get started. If you attended the seminar or already watched it, this will be a recap - for those of you who haven't had a chance, hopefully this should help you with everything you need to know before starting!


IQBar's new Phonics Course starting next month is based on the original ‘Letters and Sounds’ course published by the Department for Education and skills in the UK. Modified for ESL learners, the course offers our youngest learners the fundamentals in English sounds and simple vocabulary.


It follows the same structure and imagery as our current Picaro course, meaning once Breadies are confident with phonics, and understand the construction of words and simple sentences, the transition to more advanced courses will not be such a shock.




Additional vocabulary for Buddies.



GPC - Grapheme - Phoneme - Correspondance the ability to match a phoneme to a grapheme. 


Segment - splitting a word into phonemes. 


Bend - using GCP knowledge to merge phonemes together to make words.


Speed word - words where it should be really easy for Breadies to say.



New vocabulary is limited to 5 -6 words per session. Some words introduced will be 'tricky words' as covered in the last blog post. Tricky words are words which do not follow the obvious phoneme. This can include words like ‘I’ as in ‘I am wearing a hat’. This is tricky because ‘I’ should sounds like ‘ih’




There are six stories that Breadies can learn and practise phonics sounds at the end of sessions. These stories are simple enough so Breadies can read them independently.




Lesson Structure


Phoneme/Grapheme introduction. 


Introduction of the sound - Ask for repetition.


Do not ask the Bready to use the pen! Breadies will be able to use the workbook to trace the shapes of letters and graphemes


There are phonics recordings for the Bready’s workbook which are also available for Buddies if they want to prepare before the session. These are not available during class.



Introduction of Vocabulary 


Introduce the vocabulary (generally 5 works per session).


There are 288 standardised actions with each word across the course. This will help Breadies get used to the course and makes the difference between Buddies less confusing. Don't worry about learning all the actions! Recordings of all standardised actions will be available for Buddies to watch before teaching.



The Breadies will also get a video before the session so they can prepare for it, they will have the 3D fox mascot who will teach the Bready what do to. 


Don't forget to include lots of TPR and actions! 


Sounding out the words 


Show an image with the new word 

For a visual to the sounding out, the new course uses dots for single sound, single letter words, and a line for digraphs etc. 


No expansion! 


Vocabulary Recall 


Which words can you remember? 

This is where you can see how much Breadies have taken in so far! You can do the actions with the words to help connect memory with movement.


Emphasise new sounds. 




Make sure you say the sounds, not the letters! For example going ‘sss’ for ’s’, not ‘es’. Trudie's Phonics Series on Youtube is a great place to watch the sounds and understand how phonics works before the course goes live.


Get them to find things with the different sounds! 


Assessment at the end of each unit 



By the end of unit 1 and after finishing with tricky words, Breadies will be able to make simple sentences. 


We hope this has been helpful! If you have any questions about the phonics course, how to prepare, or what to expect, please either message us on wechat or email!




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