Calling All Buddies - Call for Blog Contributors!

This week at IQBar we’re going to start running a weekly award for blog contributors. If you're a Buddy and feel like you have something interesting to put on the blog please let me know and we can work on putting something together.


Each week the award will be £10 for the contributor - the post length will be 1000/1500 words (and more if you want to). 


We're really excited about this being an opportunity for Buddies to showcase talents and interests. If there’s something you do that you think could be beneficial for other Buddies please do consider writing about it. Alongside the Padlet and Dropbox group, this is another opportunity to share ideas and make your mark on the company but in a longer form - something that can be read both within the IQBar community and for those who are interested in finding out what we are all about!



Some ideas include: 


  • Working at IQBar as a full-time parent.
  • Working at IQBar whilst working other jobs at the same time.
  • Something you do that could benefit Buddies (i.e Merishka’s yoga, Gerry - your experience in theatre and how that helps you with the kids - Frank, your work with sign language - I’m sure all of you have something valuable to add). 
  • Anything you do during a class which you think is something that could benefit Buddies or Breadies   - props, a method of teaching perhaps.
  • Living as an expat and working for IQBar. 
  • Advice for people in your country working (or considering working) at IQBar - I’ve seen lots of Buddies share information about how to best work in South Africa so maybe that could be a post! 
  • If you’re living in China, maybe a little insight into education there. 


Let us know what you think and any questions you may have. Harriet will be able to offer guidance and advice through the writing process if needed. Message her on Wechat or email


We're excited to see your ideas!




2018-05-26 13:57


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