How Do you Become an IQBar Buddy?

We are delighted that you are interested in joining the IQBar Team. The sign up process has been created to allow us to see your academic skills and work experience, but also learn more about your personality.


You can register via the website:


 After registering with your email address, please ensure that you complete the personal details page and submit it or your application will not be sent to us. Your application will include details of your qualification and skills for our reference, but also for students to view. Your personal details page will automatically create a teacher profile and this will be what differentiates you from other teachers so it’s important to stand out.

Firstly, the self-introduction section should include a brief introduction of yourself, your interests, your experience as a teacher, what subjects you can help with and why students should select you.

Secondly, the question and answer section should include a typical question asked within your academic subject. You should demonstrate your capabilities by answering the academic questions to an A* level.

Finally, your video is one of the most important selling points for your teaching profile.


Content For Registration Buddy Video

 The video should be 4-8 minutes long. Breadies will select you over other IQBar Buddies using this video, your sample Q&A and the self-introduction. This is your opportunity to promote your achievements and inform Breadies of why you are the perfect Buddy for them!


Introduce yourself: Include a bit of background on yourself and your achievements


Our Breadies are goal and outcome orientated so really emphasize your academic achievements and grades


Discuss your teaching style. This may be interactive, adaptable, using quizzes and examples, etc


Introduce the services that you are able to help Breadies with


Say how you can help your Bready to attain the necessary knowledge to excel


Reiterate your interest in helping Breadies with their areas for improvement



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wish I had found this before I submitted my application.

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