Summer Series: The Seaside


As the summer holidays have begun for our Breadies, we thought we’d put together a Summer Series with interesting conversation topics and facts to aid your sessions over the coming weeks. Unlike many countries where the summer holidays means relaxation and leaving the school work behind, for Chinese students it often means summer classes and home/online learning.


Perhaps not so good for the students - but good for us as Buddies!


We’ve put together this series to help keep sessions topical and interesting for our Breadies. These topics can be worked in around the normal work and will include ideas for songs, vocabulary and, when it comes closer to the end of the holidays, how to best help your student prepare for the stress of upcoming exams and getting all their homework completed.


So what is our first topic in the Summer Series? A lot of young Breadies are really interested in life in Britain and Western countries like America and those in Europe so we asked ourselves, what do we do in our country that is synonymous with summer? Our answer -


The Seaside 


I think coming from the UK, there can be nothing that epitomises British summer time more than heading to the seaside – particularly when the sun comes out and everyone rushes down to the shore to paddle!


It isn’t something many Chinese families do - particularly if they live in more central areas like Beijing. There are a lot of opportunities here for Breadies to learn new vocabulary as well as learning about the experience of sitting in the sun all day, whipping open the BBQ and bringing out the wind breakers and picnic blankets.


Useful vocabulary could be:









Swimming costume

Sun cream

Beach volleyball



Beach towel




Perhaps show them pictures of beaches and seaside excursions in your country to help them picture it and compare to those in China.


There are also many summer ‘hits’ that you could include in your sessions such as ‘We’re all Going on a Summer Holiday’ and ‘Oh I do like to be Beside the Seaside’ which could help spice up the class!


The possibilities are endless, so grab your sunglasses, grab a beach towel and entertain those Breadies! If you have any suggestions for what should be included in the Summer Series, please do drop us a message at






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