New Cambridge Courses on Offer!

We are pleased to announce more Cambridge courses are now on offer for contracted Buddies! See below for the list of the new courses on offer. We have added a number of two hour courses for those who would like to take courses but have limited time.


20h courses - exam prep:







20h courses:

- Motivating Teenage Learners

- Teaching Primary Learners


2h courses:

- Understanding Learners

- Teaching Communicatively

- The Roles of the Teacher

- Giving Feedback

- Developing Speaking Skills

- Developing Listening Skills

- Developing Reading Skills

- The Psychology of Language Learning

- Inclusive Practices: Teaching Learners with Special Educational Needs

- Teaching Very Young Learners

- Introduction to Oracy for Young Learners


If you are a Buddy interested in finding out more, please contact Marc H on wechat or email him at


If you would like to find out more about teaching at IQBar, please don't hesitate to contact us via our social media platforms or email us at!



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