What are the weekly seminars?

What are the Weekly Seminars? 


Every week IQBar hosts two different seminar series, one for Breadies and one for Buddies. Here is the lowdown of what the seminars are about:


The Bready Seminars 


The Bready seminars run twice weekly for higher and lower level Breadies. Each seminar is run by a different Buddy with up to 60 Breadies watching per session! 





Why run a seminar?


Bready Seminars are an opportunity to showcase your teaching abilities so Breadies notice you and sign up for normal sessions! It is also a great way to get to know the Breadies and get a sense of what our students are like. On top of this, you can teach young people in China about a topic that they may not know about. So far, we have had 22 different topics, including storytelling, St Patrick’s Day and superheroes. These are topics they don’t necessarily learn about at school so it is an opportunity for them to practice English whilst learning about something fun.


What do you need to do to run a seminar? 


In terms of preparation, there isn’t much you need to do. Our General Manager Sarah will give you the topic and will provide you with the resources to use. At least a day before the seminar, Sarah will give you a training session so you’re fully prepared. All you need to do is show up and teach as you normally would do! It is a role that requires confidence to speak in front of our Breadies and enthusiasm! Which, if you’re a Buddy at IQBar, is likely you already have. 


How are the seminars run? 


The seminars are run like normal sessions in a classroom. They are half an hour long and you use the same tools such as the powerpoint and the pen tools as you would do in a normal class. The Breadies will appear at the bottom of the screen and the video changing and audio controlling is done by our seminar assistant. Seminars include a lot of questions for the Breadies to answer in both written form in the comments box and through quizzes.



The Buddy Seminars 


The Buddy Seminars are run by Daniel every week and offer teaching tips and information for our Buddies. It is an excellent opportunity to develop your skills, to learn new techniques and to find out about what’s new with the company. 



It also offers the opportunity for Buddies to meet and discuss ideas in a communal environment. Although IQBar is an online platform with, at present, no opportunities to meet in person, it is a very communal team with a lot of cooperation and sharing. These weekly seminars offer the team an opportunity to have a more face-to-face experience whilst learning and developing their teaching methods at the same time. 


What are the seminars about? 


The seminars always focus on a specific topic. Recent topics have been teaching adults, phonics and exam preparation. These are areas which Buddies often ask questions about and need a little help on so the sessions offer invaluable guidance. 


Are the Buddy seminars compulsory? 


No, no seminars are compulsory however it is advised to attend as many as you can to help you develop as a Buddy and to get to know everyone in the team! 




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