My Experience of IQBar so Far

I'm really enjoying my teaching experience with IQBar! Here's a little insight as to why: 


The team


As an IQBar employee you're part of a friendly team. The team share ideas and offer inspiration on the easy to use padlet. As a trained primary school teacher, I've been adapting to teaching online so it's great to have a starting point! Fear not, they don’t just leave you to it, IQBar provide you with the outline of a lesson structure so you don't have to panic about what they expect of you! The lesson materials are easy to follow and you are able to bring learning to life in your own unique way. 




You're able to upload your own resources to a lesson (which I love) and  I've found I like to upload an image with something hidden. It's a bit like ‘where's Wally?’ except you look for letters or numbers.



Teaching one-to-one


It's so refreshing to be able to teach one on one and maximise learning opportunities. To have the ability to focus on and develop areas that a learner needs more time on is a major bonus for me. You feel like for once you can genuinely say you're meeting that teacher standard to ‘adapt teaching to respond to the strengths and needs of all pupil’s’, tick! ️


Trudie is currently teaching for IQBar whilst travelling the world. Working for IQBar gives her flexibility so she can work when it suits her.








2018-03-19 02:12


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