What salary will I expect to earn per month?

This topic covers a commonly asked question – how much am I expected to earn per month?

The answer to this is – we aren’t sure! There are many different factors that influence your salary. For example, how flexible is your time, how many hours per week can you commit to teaching, does your teaching profile promote your skills effectively, what subjects can you teach, are you a good teacher, etc.


Salary Rundown:

English oral practice (30 mins): £4.50 - £6.25 with TEFL qualification

Written Skill Lab (1 hour): £18

University Consultation (1 hour): £10

Academic Tuition (1 hour): £15

Taster sessions for any of the above services (30 mins): £4.50


+ Potential Bonus

The more reviews you get, the higher your salary will go!


+ Potential Bonus

Employee of the month: £30

2nd place: £5

3rd place: £5


Realistic Monthly Salary:

 £350 - £450



2017-06-01 16:39


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