Introducing Rebecca - Our Trial Buddy Teaching Quality Coordinator




What is your role:


Im Trial Buddy Teaching Quality Coordinator! (or Trial TQC for short!).

My role is to ensure that the Teaching standards remain high from the off set. Once a Buddy enters their Trial Period they will be observed on their first session, and 2 to 3 times after that.

We have a small team that works hard to observe Buddy sessions and provide quality feedback that highlights areas which were dealt with well and specific teaching elements which Buddies can continue to develop.

My job is to ensure that observations are written to high standard and include feedback that is positive and actively encourages our new Buddies as they begin their journey at IQBar.


In addition, I am there to answer any questions Trial Buddies have with regards to preparing for lessons, meeting any objectives and general teaching queries. They can join me for a one to one drop in session or attend one of my workshops.

I’ve also just been given the pleasure of leading some Teaching Quality Seminars for all Buddies which will happen on Thursdays on a weekly basis! This will be another great way for the Teaching Quality team to share tips and best practises! I look forward to seeing some of you there!


What made you want to go into this additional role?


I started at IQBar a little over a year ago as a contracted Buddy. As I settled into life as a Buddy rather quickly I soon began looking for further challenges and opportunities within the company. I first landed the role as a Teaching Quality Consultant where I formed the team that observed mainly Trial Buddies. After a couple of months and fully confident to take on even more challenges, I was offered the role as Trial Buddy Teaching Quality Coordinator! It’s been a fantastic opportunity and I’ve learnt so much, I can’t wait to see what happens as the company continues to grow and develop! (Go IQBar!)


What is your key piece of advice to trial Buddies?


Enjoy yourself! The main objective of a session is for the bready to engage well with the Buddy (and vice verse) and for them to achieve some sort of progression by the end of the session. If you put your all into your sessions, lead with a positive attitude and use your experience and the resources we have available, what can go wrong?!


It’s a great place to be, here at IQBar! We look forward to welcoming you




2019-03-10 02:04


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