What age range should you teach?

At IQBar, we have a range of students wanting to grow and succeed with us. As a teacher, you have a choice of who you teach and what you teach. Here's some tips on the different age ranges we have studying with us!


Children: If you are positive, energetic, interactive and patient, children are the right age group for you! Using screen share, pictures, puppets and games are excellent ways of communicating complex topics to this segment.


Teens: This group accounts for students studying for their GCSE’s, Alevels or equivalent studies. These students are usually our most hard working, long-term and goal orientated students. These students are likely preparing for exams and need expert advice and support on achieving top grades to allow them to attend the best universities in the world. In order to teach this age group, you need to be committed, flexible, intelligent, patient, determined and friendly.


University Students: A large quantity of our university students requires assistance with their English language. This may be because they are shortly moving to, or have already moved to an English speaking country. Their English level is already very good, however they would like to achieve an advanced level and gain confidence in communicating with locals and expressing their opinions. Strong communication levels and a TEFL or equivalent English degree are often a requirement for teaching this age group.


Adults: This group includes graduates and professionals. They usually require help with English language, interview preparation and business skills. This is a great age group to teach if you enjoy teaching advanced vocabulary and discussing interesting topics.

 Fancy teaching all ages? That's fine! At IQBar, we encourage our tutors to get involved with all ages and levels.




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