Meet the team: Abigail, our New Buddy Coordinator

Hi everyone! My name is Abigail and I am IQBar’s New Buddy Coordinator as well as a Buddy myself! I look after the new Buddies after training, giving them the support they need through their trial period. As with starting any job, our Trial Buddies have lots of questions and are very nervous; I try to ease these so that all new Buddies feel confident going in to see their first Bready!


I started a year ago (in July in fact!) with IQBar, as I wanted to move to another country. Things were much different then: we didn’t have a classroom, conducting most lessons through WeChat. I had never taught online before, so found it a bit daunting at first - but everyone was so supportive, that I enjoyed it so much! I try to replicate this now in my current role and try to make everyone feel welcomed.


In the first month working I had a grand total of 55 lessons, which isn’t much considering I was working 20 hours a week. The first session I ever had, I remember shaking I was so nervous, then in the end they didn’t answer the phone call. Now I’m on well over 1,000 lessons! I remember my 1000th lesson, back in May, was with a student I thought I would never see again during the taster because she didn’t speak to me once and I thought it had gone terribly ... She’s now a regular student of mine!


I’ve filled various roles here at IQBar: teaching, resource developing, training and now helping Buddies through their trial period. But the thing I have enjoyed the most is seeing these Breadies progress from the first contact during their taster session to a couple months down the line having fun and speaking a lot more confidently. The Bready I mentioned above, she now views me as her friend (admittedly, she just laughs at me most of the time) but it’s so nice to be a part of their learning experience. Seeing them enjoy the lesson is an even better feeling! Some Breadies are really excited to tell me about their day - they try so hard to think of the words they need in order to tell me what’s on their mind. I think this in itself is an incredibly valuable exercise in their language development. But it being unprompted is what makes it so special - I love it, and these are my favourite kind of lessons.


I’ve seen a lot of different things happen in sessions throughout my time here at IQBar, from children crying because of nerves to dads chasing birds around in the background. My advice is to just go with the flow and have fun! Being adaptable is key, but if you can achieve this you’ll go above and beyond one thousand lessons and enjoy yourself so much. It’s a truly rewarding experience helping others to achieve their goals and seeing that lightbulb moment when something you’ve been trying to teach for several sessions finally sinks in (or maybe that’s my bad teaching style, ha ha).


After my first few sessions I was going to quit because I didn’t think I would be able to do it (I thought my first few sessions went awfully), and I’m extremely sure not all thousand sessions have gone smoothly. I am extremely happy that I didn’t follow that urge, and stuck with it: I love the Breadies and I really enjoy working here with the amazing team. My amazement comes from Breadies wanting to come back to my classes! Crazy, who’d-a thought!


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2018-07-06 01:25


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