Structuring Your Taster Session: Suitable for all IQBar services

So you’ve got your first Bready taster session booked – now what? This is your opportunity to become a top salesman and attract students to buy a package with us. How do you do this?


Step 1: Attitude. Be friendly, approachable, persuasive and professional. Our Breadies love the experience of learning with an international teacher. Be passionate about sharing your knowledge with them.


Step 2: Introduce yourself. Then get to know a bit more about your student. This may include their academic level or occupation, what they hope to achieve through these lessons with you, if they have any textbooks, past exam papers, syllabus’ or mark schemes that they want to share with you, and if you can offer any additional services such as English conversation. If you are doing a taster session for English oral, you may want to ask them about their interests and hobbies so you can structure the first few lessons to their interests. Finally, ask your student about their learning style. This will allow you to cater your teaching style to their needs.


Step 3: You should now have a good understanding of the Bready and their intentions. The next step is for you to show them what you are capable of. Give them a 10-15 minute sample of a lesson. Choose an interesting model, theory or activity to demonstrate how you would go about teaching it. This will also allow you to assess if you are a good match as a teacher and student. Need some inspiration? Use our new English oral resources available for our tutors. Go to your IQBar profile > Resources > Tutorial Resources. The Cambridge Global English page has fantastic books you can use to structure your sessions!


 Step 4: You may want to close the call by asking how many lessons they would like to have – or you could recommend a time frame. Make sure you reiterate that you can undoubtedly help your Bready and that you are looking forward to potentially teaching them in the future. 


Taster sessions for all subjects and services last 30 minutes and will be £4.50. If you feel that you need to go over 30 minutes to close the deal, do it!


After securing your long-term Bready, you can transfer these methods to your lessons. For example, if your Bready is a Doctor, you may suggest doing role-play for a patient-doctor scenario so the conversation is relevant to their English exposure.


A hot topic for an English conversation taster is ‘British culture Vs. Chinese culture’. This topic will allow you to discuss many different topics such as weather, transport, food and traditions.


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