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For anyone thinking about joining IQBar, but are worried about working at an online company and it being a little faceless, there is no need to worry! IQBar is made up of a very active, very passionate community who want to ensure that both Buddies and Breadies alike get the best experience. 


So who are the team who make up IQBar? Here is a little introduction to the people you will meet during training and those who work behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly. 



Helen - CEO 


Hi, I’m Helen the founder of IQBar. I founded IQBar because I was determined to bridge the existing cultural gaps between British and international students. My objective was to create an opportunity for speakers of other languages to become more confident and comfortable when communicating in English. My life is never boring; as our main office in in Beijing where nearly 100 employees work, and our tutors and breadies are located over the globe, sometimes it is very hard to communicate well and efficiently; so I would say my main task is to address people's questions and make sure each person gets what they want




Sarah - UK General Manager 


My name is Sarah and I'm the UK general manager. I oversee all UK operations. I continuously aim to bring creativity, innovation and enterprise to IQBar. I create new roles to meet the needs of our rapidly expanding company. I enjoy giving employees the chance to grow within the company and contribute to its development.












Dinesh - Recruitment Officer 


Hi there! My name is Dinesh and I am a Buddy/Recruitment Officer at IQBar. I am currently based in Malaga (Spain) and the weather over here is lovely! Join us and you will notice we are a very welcoming and close-knit team. I look forward to meeting you :) 












Daniel - Teaching Quality Manager


I’m Daniel, IQBar’s Teaching Quality Manager, and it’s my role to ensure that the quality of teaching in our classrooms remains high. I do this by giving regular feedback to our Buddies with the aim of helping them develop their practice. I also spend some time in the classroom myself, with my own regular Breadies! After having taught as a class teacher in mainstream education for a number of years, it’s a pleasure to put my skills to use in an entirely new setting; it’s particularly exciting to be part of such a dynamic and fast-growing company.








Ella - Normal Session Manager


Hello, I am Ella from China. I was a teacher in Beijing. Now I am working with IQBAR making sure all normal sessions run smoothly. If you have any questions about breadies, you can contact me. I'm looking forward to work with you.













Abigail - Mock Session & New Buddy Coordinator


Hey! So currently I am working conducting mock sessions and help new buddies through the last part of the process as well as teaching myself. I absolutely love travelling and seeing the world, right now I'm living in Portugal but want to move on again somewhere new soon. But, I also love working with people. I joined IQBar because I could combine both of these things, I am still able to travel as well as having a job I really enjoy!












Andrew - Classroom and Wechat Trainer 


Hello, I am Andrew and I part of the IQBar training team. My job includes training new buddies in how to use our excellent interactive online classroom. I also train new buddies on using wechat and conduct seminars throughout the week which gives new buddies the chance to meet each other. I have a teaching background and I have a PGCE in secondary education. I have worked at a number of management positions during my time teaching. Currently I am undertaking a master’s degree in town planning. Working for IQBar allows me to keep up my teaching skills while I pursue a career change and working with our enthusastic bready’s is the best part of the job!










Isaac - Classroom Trainer 


Hi I'm Isaac. I'm a tutor and I also train new buddies how to use the classroom. As well as online I've taught english in Vietnam and Mexico. and have experience with preparing students for cambridge examinations.













Ronnie - Classroom and Mock Session Trainer  


Hi there, I’m Ronnie. I have been a freelance actor for almost 30 years, appearing on stage, television and film. Over the years I have also taught drama in schools, universities and community venues. Last year I decided on a new career as a TEFL teacher and have worked with IQBar since then. As a buddy I attempt to treat each bready as an individual and approach my teaching with energy and fun. While working for IQBar I have presented seminars on storytelling, Shakespeare and am now part of the training team.













Gerry - Classroom and Mock Session Trainer 


I’m Gerry and I live on the Scottish Borders. I have worked as a theatre director for many years, establishing my own company in 2002. It still continues today. As an IQBar Buddy I love teaching our brilliant Breadies best of all.













Harriet - Junior Social Media Manager


Hello! I’m Harriet and I’m currently both a Buddy and in charge of IQBar’s social media, making sure everyone knows what IQBar is all about! I’ve been working for IQBar for around a year and have loved watching it develop into what it is today and seeing it transform into a little community. I’m currently in Indonesia where I’m applying to do a masters whilst continuing with IQBar. Hopefully I’ll get to meet some of you soon! 





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